Our Mission

At FCC Erwin, we desire to be an outpost of God’s kingdom, an incarnational community located at, but not confined to, Main Street in Erwin. Our chief end is to bring glory to God and to lift up the name of his son Jesus Christ in everything we do. Our work and mission consist of embodying before a lost, broken, and hurting world the abundant, adventurous, and transformative life to which God calls his children and which he desires to share with his creation for all eternity.

To these ends, we will:


WORSHIP in spirit and in truth, as a community that gives thanks and praise to a God who has done immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine. Our gatherings, our songs, our prayers, our observances and ordinances will all be directed toward the end of pleasing God and of bringing people into his presence.

GROW in insight and knowledge of our God and his work. We will be people of the book, immersing ourselves in God’s word not just as an object of study but as an instrument which he uses to form his people and a text which, when read and shared, can push us toward deeper levels of faithfulness in what we believe and in what we do. We will disciple one another in the cultivation of the gifts with which God has blessed us, encouraging one another to deeper communion with our Lord and to more faithful service in his world.

BEAR with one another in all things. Like the early church depicted in the book of Acts, we will share life together in both our triumphs and in our struggles, not just on Sunday morning but throughout the week as well. We will pray passionately for one another, continually bringing the praises and concerns of our fellow travelers before our Lord. We will rejoice when our brothers and sisters rejoice and we will grieve when they grieve. We will model practices of confession and forgiveness, all within a context of accountability and mutual concern that embodies daily both the unconditional acceptance and the demand for holiness that God’s word articulates.

LOVE those around us–friends, family, neighbors, and enemies–with a radical, sacrificial, and even dangerous love, the sort of love with which God in Christ first loved us. Rather than waiting for seekers to come to us, we will seek out the vulnerable, the disillusioned, the lonely, the sick, and all those who are loved by God but who feel very far from that love. We will devote our time, our financial resources, our facilities, and our prayers toward the end of seeing God’s kingdom manifest in the lives of people in Erwin, East Tennessee, and the world. Our posture toward the lost will not be one of judgment but one of hospitality, welcoming them into our community and patiently shepherding them as they begin to encounter the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ that God proclaims in our midst.


FCC Erwin can and should be a context of creative and imaginative engagement with the purposes of God’s kingdom. We will encourage and challenge one another to think about new ways that we might serve our God and our neighbors, but we will also measure any plans and programs against our collective vision. In humility, we will also continually evaluate that vision by the standards revealed to us in God’s word under the guidance of his Holy Spirit.